Thursday, April 19, 2007

the bachelor: episode three

Is it only week three? This show gets more dull each episode. The first episode was entertaining. By the time the third episode rolls around, it gets a little sad that all of the women seem to believe they're in love. It will now stay slightly depressing, except for a few cat fights fueled by champagne, until Andy proposes.

Memo to the producers of The Bachelor: Boot camp is dull; drunken baking is good television.

The lowlights:

"Erin may have bleach-blond hair and look like a Barbie doll, but she sure knows how to do some manly things, like shoot guns. So, that's attractive." -Andy, who mistakenly confuses "manly" with shooting guns. Even more unfortunately, this episode aired on the same day as the Virginia Tech massacre, and I think most agree his shooting spree was far from manly.

"He's a boy, like, of course he'd love to drive these kind of cars. I think he's looking for a girl that's like the exact same as him." - Kate, who actually owns her own business. Has any show ever had so many gender stereotypes? Sadly, I'm sure the answer is yes.

"She seemed really giddy and happy. She showed me a different side of her." - Andy on Danielle, of dead college boyfriend fame. She actually seems quite sweet, but either she only talks to Andy about the death of her college boyfriend, or the editors have only shown those conversations. Creepy death update of the week: Danielle was in bed with him when he passed away.

Erin is a financial analyst? Oddly, both of the women eliminated were financial analysts.

I am seriously questioning my continued viewing of this show. I do believe alcohol will be mandatory for future episodes.

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