Friday, April 13, 2007

on the pussycat dolls: the search for the next doll

I started watching Pussycat Dolls: The Search for the Next Doll expecting it to be bad. Surprisingly, it's not. Executive producer McG and creator Ken Mok have delivered a gem. It's not a reality show I watch for the bad quotes; it's actually incredibly intriguing. I admit to being emotionally attached and involved (Go Melissa S. - remember her from Making the Band 3?) Similarly, if Asia wins, I might rage at the television. In fact, every time she speaks or appears on camera, my blood pressure raises a little bit.

I will not start following the Pussycat Dolls after this show, but I do hope this series continues again each year. It's endlessly entertaining, and after seeing close-ups of some of the current PCDs, I think the group could stand to gradually add new members each year. Let's make them a modern day Menudo for the reality television generation!

As a careful reality television watcher, it is a recurring pet peeve of the cast wearing the same outfit for their confessional-style interviews. This program has the opposite problem. The cast sport different outfits and hairstyles (I counted as many as five!) throughout the episode, yet none of them were worn during the other scenes. The production of this show fascinates me almost as much as The Amazing Race. These girls seem genuinely exhausted, and they are frequently given only an hour to learn routines. Where does the time to style and restyle come in? I imagine it takes some time to take Anastacia back and forth between curly and straight. In a perfect reality television world, confessionals would feature consistent confessionals.

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