Thursday, April 19, 2007

goodbye, whitney

I'm a week behind on America's Next Top Model somehow.

I do believe Natasha's baby might be the cutest one ever. Ever.

Is it a sign Top Model is declining when Tia Mowery makes her second celebrated appearance in one season? Or is The Game actually a good program?

Dionne, whom I found boring and dull the first few weeks has made me love her. She embodies one of the biggest (and most surprising) transformations in any season. I would like to see a season without eliminations. Go ahead and rank the models somehow, but it would be sociologically intriguing to see if there are more hidden Dionne's out there who didn't have enough time to shine.

I thoroughly enjoy Top Model, and this season is wildly entertaining. From the beginning, I did not look forward to anyone being eliminated. Back in week one, when Kathleen clearly had the worst picture, I wanted her to stay just to listen to her confessionals for a few more weeks. One of my least favorite parts of reality television remains eliminating at the end of the show. It's the same reason I partially loathe the NCAA basketball tournament. I want to know when my favorite is playing his last game, or when my favorite model is doing her last photo shoot. I adore Whitney, and while it was clear she was not going to be around too much longer, I didn't get to savor all of her moments in the episode because I didn't know it would be her last.

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