Wednesday, April 25, 2007

kellie pickler

I didn't watch American Idol much last season, and I emerged with no opinion on Kellie Pickler. I do, however, listen to country music, where both Kellie and Bucky Covington have good singles. I adore her single "I Wonder" so much that each time it comes on, I turn the volume up.

I was pleased to start up this week's Opry Live to see her actually perform. She still performs like she's trying to hard; she hasn't yet developed the natural confidence on stage. She's good, but she looks like she's thinking. For her finale, she saved "I Wonder." For the first time in her performance, she stopped trying too hard and just sang. Kellie wrote this song herself. She sat down on stage and just sang. She was in tears by the end, as were most of the audience members the camera panned to. The Opry gave her a standing ovation, and she deserved it. I was clapping from home. It was a beautiful performance.

Opry Live is wonderful at evoking emotional moments for both the live audience and the home audience. It's also excellent at showcasing the awkward clapping of white people during the upbeat numbers. Shamelessly, I enjoy both.

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