Monday, April 23, 2007

the demise of jael

I knew from the first classic Jael quote of the episode that she was done for. The editors clearly were using the episode as a Jael best-of retrospective. As I've said before, this season continues to use a single outfit for the confessional scenes, and most of her comments are geared to the generic "I don't want to go home because...".

The highlights of the episode where the girls had to make a commercial and appear coherent:

"I have complete faith in myself because I am the spreader of light." - Jael

"I would make the best correspondent out of the group because I have the look and I'm able to talk." - the ever-confident Natasha, who did in fact win both the correspondent challenge and the commercial shoot despite her thick Russian accent and often nonsensical word order. I give her credit for mastering an Australian accent better than the others.

When the models departed for Australia, the producers threw in a nifty computer map showing the audience exactly where Australia is in the world. The map sequence played like an homage to Our Lips are Sealed, the classic Mary-Kate and Ashley film set in Australia, of course. I may be the only one to enjoy it, but somehow I imagine I'm not the only MK&A film fan who watches Top Model.

Depressing story of the day, channeling poor Danielle from The Bachelor, "When I was in high school, I got run over by a car, had eight staples in my head and it affected the memory part of my brain." - Brittany, who actually had an excuse for her inability to memorize dialogue.

"I think that I'm really good at speaking with other human beings." - Jael, whom I imagine is also really good at speaking with animals, plants and other inanimate objects.

"The best thing about being at this shoot is that I'm surrounded by nature. I'm finally at home, and I get to run free." - Jael, who's from Detroit.

"I just wanna touch the grass and the animals and like breathe the air and climb the trees." -yes, Jael actually said that; I couldn't make it up.

Finally, in conclusion, "I'm not finished spreading the joy to the universe." - Jael

How do you think Whitney's dad feels now that she gave up Dartmouth to be outlasted in a competition by Jael?

This week brings the dreaded highlights episode. What I love most about reality television is their lack of repeats. Bring me an uninterrupted season, please!

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